Asnes Ingstad BC

Asnes Ingstad BC

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A modern mountain ski with a marked turn and good speed and turning properties. An ideal ski for demanding downhill runs, but also works well for long stages in flat terrain. New Ingstad has got a distinctive Nordic Rocker and loses the tip, which makes the ski more swing-willing. The ski has also become more directionally stable and for that reason even more versatile. Ingstad has a wooden core in Paulownia and Poppel, which leads to an extremely low weight of only 2,050g in 195cm.


The ski fits well with 75mm, but BC binding can also be used ..


If you want to get the most out of the common system to Åsnes, we recommend using a narrow trap (mohair 45mm) for cold driving and flat terrain. Wet lead and steep terrain require 58mm Synthetic short trap.


Note: Skis are considered "oversize items" with a shipping cost of $70.

Lengths: 165,175,185,195,205
Width: 84-62-74
Weight: 1,025gr per ski (195cm)
Materials:  poppel / paulownia
Use:  steep terrain
Recommended binding: 75mm / bc


Choice of ski length

Ski length is determined on the basis of body length, weight and possible skills. The table is intended as an aid and must not be followed slavishly. Skiing skills, terrain, weight and packing, as well as individual needs / habits are factors that influence the choice of length and model.

General advice: Traffic in rough terrain requires shorter skis than open mountain ranges. For beginners, it will often be easier with short skis. If you walk a lot in groomed tracks, length does not matter in terms of how well you float in the snow, then it is instead the tension that is decisive. If it is a light person, he / she should also choose a slightly shorter ski and vice versa if you are heavier.


Body length        Weight (kg)        Ski length

150-160cm          -55                          165cm

160-170 cm         55-65                     175cm

170-180 cm         65-75                     185cm

180-190 cm         75-90                     195cm

190-200 cm         90+                        205cm

  • Steel edge
  • Skin insert
  • Sinter and spreadable