Asnes Gamme 54 BC

Asnes Gamme 54 BC

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Gamme 54 is the most versatile mountain ski you can get. A stiff, but also very swinging ski. This ski has one of Asnes’s most distinctive lubrication pockets and the length stiffness makes this ski suitable for long trips in hilly terrain, preferably with a lot of luggage. Early Rise (Nordic rocker) and marked swing make the ski very swinging, despite its narrow width. Gamme 54 has a lightweight wooden core in poplar.


In this new and updated version of Gamme 54, Asnes made the ski lighter and better by updating the front tip with other materials and more rubber than before. This gives a lower swing weight, as well as a front tip that swings and behaves better in varied conditions.


Gamme is a ski that can also be suitable for heavier skiers, as the stiffness and the marked buckle provide very good support.


The ski has been developed in close collaboration with the adventurer Aleksander Gamme, who in the winter of 2011/2012 went on the world's longest ski trip without support or supplies. Aleksander is not just a guy who likes long trips on skis, but an adventurous guy who likes to challenge the mountain in a climbing harness, or wing suit with a screen on his back. We look forward to following Alexander on his adventures in the future.

Note: Skis are considered "oversize items" with a shipping cost of $70.

Choice of ski length

Ski length is determined on the basis of body length and weight. The table here is intended as an aid and must not be followed slavishly. Skiing skills, terrain, weight, packing and individual needs / habits are factors that influence the choice of length.

General advice: Traffic in rough terrain requires shorter skis than open mountain ranges. For beginners, it will often be easier with short skis. If you only walk in groomed tracks, length does not matter in terms of how well / badly you float in the snow, then it is instead the tension that is important. If the person is lighter than average, the user should consider shorter skis, and conversely some man is heavier. If you often go with heavy packing, the skis should be a little longer.

Body length        Weight (kg)        Ski length

150-160 cm         - 60                         170

160-170                60-75                     180

170-180                70-85                     190

180-190                80-95                     200

190+                      95+                        210

Steel edge

Skin insert

Lengths: 170,180,190, 200, 210

Width 68-54-61

Weight 1010g per ski (200cm)

Materials: poplar wood core

Use: hilly terrain / long walks

Recommended binding: BC