The Neptune LAB

The Neptune LAB is a place to explore, discover, and connect with the latest products and brands successfully launched through crowdfunding campaigns.

For over four decades Neptune has been known as a retail pioneer, supporting up-and-coming outdoor brands to bring the latest, most innovative gear to their customers. The Neptune LAB is a modern take on that strategy. This new, interactive experience allows shoppers to discover brands not easily found in other retail stores and to explore some of the most innovative ideas coming to market today through crowdfunding.

Neptune has created a dedicated space within the store to feature each brand and their products, anchored by custom fixtures, signage, and an interactive digital feature that allows customers to explore information and videos from each brand.

The mix of products will be hand-picked and very diverse, ranging from traditional pieces like packs and bags, to more unique items that you might not expect to find at a store like Neptune. Each product will be featured for a limited time, in limited quantities, with new brands being rotated into the experience on a regular basis.


“We’re always looking to delight and inspire our customers with something new. Crowdfunding represents a growing share of the digital marketplace and it’s important, as a brick-and-mortar retailer, to find ways work with these digitally native brands. At Neptune we love to experiment, and yes, it’s a little risky, but it’s a fantastic way for everyone – our customers, ourselves, and the brands we’re partnering with - to try new things.”

- Shelley Dunbar, Co-owner at Neptune Mountaineering


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