DMM Alloy Offset Set
DMM Alloy Offset Set

DMM Alloy Offset Set

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This set of DMM Offsets gives you the versatility to protect flaring crack pitches that would otherwise warrant a serious runout. Ideal for both trad and aid climbing, DMM Offsets seat securely in places where regular nuts and cams just won't work. With these anodized aluminum nuts on your rack, previously un-protected stretches of rock become a cakewalk.

Weight, Strength:

7- 27g, 12kN

8- 30g, 12kN

9- 37g, 12kN

10- 45g, 12kN

11- 56g, 12kN

Set (7-11): 195g

Offset alloy nuts on wire

Wire recessed into top of nut and full wire radius for extra strength

Lightening holes

Colour coded for easy recognition