Sea to Summit Alpha Cookset 1.1

Sea to Summit Alpha Cookset 1.1

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Perfect for solo adventures , the Alpha™ Pot Cook Set 1.1  is the ultimate lightweight nesting camp kitchen set to prepare your culinary delights in the backcountry. Constructed from a hard-anodized alloy, the Alpha Pots are super durable, abrasion resistant and very easy-to-clean. We've incorporated some clever technology like the Pivot-Lock™ handle that locks firmly in place, unique slotted strainer pattern in the lid, and the silicone Lid Keep™ to rest your pot lid on the side of your pot and not on the ground. With the addition of the Delta Light™ dinnerware pieces and the ability to nest together, and you'll be creating mouth-watering gourmets dishes for every outdoor meal. 

Weight Comparison

12.2 oz / 330 g ≈ About the same as a can of soup


Extremely durable, just don't use it on a normal kitchen stove

Best Use

Prepare any meal you want while on your outdoor adventure

Perfect for

1 Person