Asnes Amundsen BC

Asnes Amundsen BC

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Amundsen Back Country is the perfect ski for long hikes with a backpack or sledge/sleighs.

Amundsen BC is a ski for the long mountain trek. With a full steel edge and a prominent wax pocket for a lasting grip, it is stiff and reassuringly stable – perfect for longer excursions and expeditions with the weight of a backpack or sled.

All Åsnes skis are compatible with the new X-Skin. So although the Amundsen BC is narrow enough for groomed tracks, a climbing skin can be attached in an instant when it is time for that long mountain ascent.

Roald Amundsen (1872–1928), the first man to reach both the South and North Poles, was a polar explorer, discoverer, researcher and flight pioneer. He navigated the Northwest Passage and was a pioneer in the use of airships and planes in polar research.