Asnes Gamme 54 Bc Ski

Asnes Gamme 54 Bc Ski

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The Gamme 54 BC comes with a new design and updated tech.

This version of the Gamme 54 BC ski is lighter and better than before. We have
updated the tip with other reinforcing materials and a more dampening rubber than before.
The update of the tip results in lower swing weight, and a tip that is easier to set up on a turn and ski in variable conditions.

Firm, light and agile, the Gamme 54 is the most versatile mountain ski you can get.

Besides the updates, we have kept to the same good recipe, which gives us a ski that will fit into groomed tracks, can withstand a lot of weight, abuse and works well while pulling a pulk, but which also handles well and is really versatile in most conditions.

Its prominent wax pocket and longitudinal stiffness mark it out for long trips in hilly terrain, even with a backpack or sled in tow. Its Nordic Rocker (Early Rise) and pronounced sidecut make it sweetly responsive on the turn.

This ski is developed in close cooperation with the adventurer Aleksander Gamme. In the winter of 211-212, Aleksander completed the world's longest ski trip made without support or resupply. But he's not someone who simply yearns for ski trekking; he's an adventurer who actively seeks out challenges in the mountains, in climbing harness, wingsuit or parachute. We're excited to following Aleksander on his future adventures.



Ski length is determined according to body weight and height. The table below is only a guide, however - experience, skill, terrain, and individual needs can all influence your choice of length.

Generally speaking, moving through rugged terrain calls for shorter skis than the open mountain plateau. And for beginners, short skis are easier to control. If you're mainly skiing along tracks, the length isn't the most crucial factor. For good float in deep snow, a slighter wider ski is useful. Lighter skiers might consider a shorter ski; heavier skiers a longer ski. Skiers with loads such as backpacks and sleds might consider a longer ski.

Body length Weight (kg) Ski lengh
15-16 cm - 6 17
16-17 6-75 18
17-18 7-85 19
18-19 8-95 2
19+ 95+ 21