Asnes Mountain Racer 48 SKIN

Asnes Mountain Racer 48 SKIN

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Mountain Race 48 Skin is a touring and cross-country ski with 3/4 steel edge, marked span and moderate turn. together with an integrated fall, this becomes a perfect ski for trips in the field and skiing.

It can also be used in absolutely optimal driving conditions in the mountains. The ski fits perfectly in ski tracks and steel edges, together with the turn-in, ensures a safe descent on hard and difficult roads.

The ski is also supplied with an attachment for X-Skin if you move in hilly terrain or need more attachment. We recommend that the ski has been used a few times and the trap inserted with wax before another trap is glued over the integrated trap.

The ski has a brushed Nylon cap, and a sinter Race sole that ensures good glide, together with a quality trap from Pomoca (Climb 2.0), this makes a fast touring and cross-country ski.