LaSportiva Baruntse
LaSportiva Baruntse
LaSportiva Baruntse

LaSportiva Baruntse

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When the conditions are cold and high the Baruntse offers a hospitable climate to keep your feet warm and dry. Ideal for use on 6000-7000 meter peaks or in harsh winter conditions where you don't want to think about your feet. The thermo-formable inner boot sports the patented speed lacing system and couples with the highly insulated multi-layered PE outerboot for dependable warmth and a PU coating to keep moisture and cold outside and heat inside the boot. IDEAL TERRAIN: 6000-7000 meter peaks or high cold mountaineering conditions.

WEIGHT: 44.7 oz/ 1267g
LAST: Nuptse
OUTER BOOT: Transparent PU Tech anti-abrasion film with high insulation expandied PE/ High density expanded PE insulating netting/ Synthetic mico-fiber/ High abrasion resistant Cordura®/ Giugiaro lacing hardware
INNER BOOT: Anti-abrasion Cordura®/ Thermo-moldable 7mm high density insulating EVA
INSOLE: 6 mm isulating Ibi-Thermo + PE insulating barrier and aluminum insulation
MIDSOLE: 8-9 mm TPU/SBR Air Cushion
SOLE: Vibram® Montagna