Beal 8mm Rando Rope

Beal 8mm Rando Rope

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At just 37 grams per meter, the Rando takes up little room, but it takes the impact! On snowfields and steep passages, during mountain walking or skiing, its properties ensure your security. Specs are on one strand of this UIAA twin rope because this rope is used for security while walking or ski touring and is normally not used for lead climbing falls. For lead climbing two strands must be used.
Intended for scrabbling, glacier crossing and easy snow routes.

CE and UIAA Certified - Twin Rope
GD = Golden Dry
Impact force: 4.2kN (on one strand)
UIAA falls: 5 (on one 8mm strand)
UIAA Certified Water Repellent - Golden Dry
Diameter: 8mm
Weight: 37 g/m
Sheath Slippage: 0%
Dynamic Elongation: 36%
Static Elongation: 8%
Sheath Percentage: 40%


Process whereby every individual core and sheath strand is treated with a hydrophobic chemical formula before the rope is manufactured. The treatment is polymerised at high temperatures. This polymerisation process together with every strand being coated increases the longevity of the treatment. A GOLDEN DRY rope combines 2 treatments: the core’s treatment is added to the DRY COVER sheath treatment. This helps to achieve an astonishingly durable and waterproof rope.


  • Is more frost and water resistant.
  • Gains very little weight in humid conditions.
  • Improves rope suppleness through carabiners and belay devices.
  • Is more abrasion resistant during normal use
  • The GOLDEN DRY treatment allows ropes to be labelled as UIAA WATER REPELLENT.