Dynafit Blacklight 88

Dynafit Blacklight 88

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Blacklight 88 – The lightest all-rounder.

The Blacklight 88 offers convincing performance on alpine terrain and in all snow conditions as a light, versatile, high-end Speed touring ski. The Blacklight 88 weighs barely 1,140 grams (at 172 cm) with a waist of 88 mm, making it the lightest all-round ski from DYNAFIT. This model was developed for fast, ambitious ski tourers who seek a light, easy-handling partner for technically difficult terrain, which also features impressive performance in all snow conditions. The name Blacklight combines the word “black” for its color, which also represents the 100% carbon construction, and the word “light,” meaning it is a very light ski with a luminescent characteristic. The ski is perfectly tuned technically, premium in design, and focused on the essentials. Speed. The Blacklight 88 has a 100% “UD” carbon top layer. UD is the abbreviation to describe the “uni” or one-directional arrangement of the fibers. Compared to classic carbon construction, UD carbon lends higher tensile strength and greater resilience while maintaining a lower density. The Blacklight 88 has a 100% premium Paulownia wood core. Thanks to its 3D construction, the ski lowers its total weight to reduce its swing weight in front of and behind the binding area to essentially reduce the overall weight of the ski. You get extremely stable ski handling despite its low weight. The rocker construction at the tip and tail and the sidecut are also adapted for each ski size – a unique feature in the ski touring market. This keeps the effective edge length equally proportional to each size, allowing it to function independent of the size. In order to guarantee the best possible power transfer on the ski, the Blacklight is constructed with a full ABS sidewall. In addition, the base has a special racing grind for even more speed.

Note: Skis are considered "oversize items" with a shipping cost of $60.

Material: UD Carbon, Paulownia Speed Core

Length (cm) 158 cm 165 cm 172 cm 178 cm 184 cm
Weight (g) 1030 1080 1140 1210 1300

Sidecut (tip,waist, tail)

121, 86, 109 122, 87, 110 123, 88, 111 124, 89, 112 125, 90, 113
Radius (m) 15.5 17 18.5 20 21.5
Tip Rocker (mm) 385 395 405 415 425
Tail Rocker (mm) 120 130 140 150 160
  • Tail Rocker: Gently increasing radius for good control at high speed even on steep, icy terrain.
  • 3D Sidewall-Cap Construction
  • Race finish
  • Tip Rocker