Colltex Nylon Climbing Skins 45X2000mm

Colltex Nylon Climbing Skins 45X2000mm

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Ski skins from Colltex, made of 100% nylon for the best possible wear resistance and a solid attachment. Nylon is a material that is suitable for longer tours with a lot of wear and demanding conditions. The nylon skins are also excellent for wet and heavy snow that is coarse-grained.

This skin can be easily adjusted to the length of the ski and has no attachment at the back. We recommend that you cut the skins 10-15 cm in front of the "tail" of the ski to ensure as good a hold on the ski as possible.

Nylon provides excellent grip

Durable skins

Fixed metal bracket at the top

Practical storage bag in nylon

Maintenance and storage of skins:

In order to maintain the properties of the skins for as long as possible, we recommend that Colltex keep the skins as clean as possible, that they are dried immediately after use and that glue and proof are applied to the skins at regular intervals. . Store the skin in the included storage bag