Colorado 14Er Disasters 2nd Edition

Colorado 14Er Disasters 2nd Edition

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by Mark Scott-Nash

Second Edition

Chilling accounts of accidents gleaned from all sides of each incident

Thoughtful analysis of how events unfolded and why

Insight into the logistics of search and rescue operations

Invaluable lessons for any mountaineer or casual hiker

Colorado 14er Disasters, 2nd Edition explores the disturbingly easy ways that hikers become stranded, severely injured, or killed on the state's high alpine peaks. When those accidents happen, the victim is far from help and in an environment where rescue is difficult at best. Even the most experienced mountaineers are not immune to catastrophe. Seemingly small errors can compound into serious consequences. Sometimes bad luck is a factor yet even in those cases alternative strategies may change the outcome. Mark Scott-Nash, a veteran mountain rescuer and climber, offers an unflinching exploration of unfortunate incidents. These captivating stories in turn give any mountaineer helpful information for avoiding disaster.