Comanche Peak Wilderness Area; Hiking & Snowshoeing Guide

Comanche Peak Wilderness Area; Hiking & Snowshoeing Guide

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by Joe and Frédérique Grim

A wide range of 2 hikes, from easy half-day routes to two-day backpack excursions over mountain passes

Complete trail descriptions, color photos, and maps

The Comanche Peak Wilderness Area is characterized by rolling tundra hills, vast evergreen forests, tumbling mountain streams, and miles of quite, peaceful trails.

Located 35 miles west of Fort Collins and abutting the northern boundary of Rocky Mountain National Park, the Comanche Peak Wilderness encompasses 67, acres and includes nineteen named trails.

Each trail description includes a comment section by the authors that reviews the features of the route. This is followed by detailed instructions on how to find the trailhead and precise route instructions. Each description includes a topographical map and color photos of the trail. Trail descriptions start out with basic information such as the length of the route, elevation range, difficulty, and the season when the trail is most easily hiked. Note that many of these trails are also excellent for snowshoeing in the winter.