Ortovox Diract
Ortovox Diract
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Ortovox Diract

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From beginners to experienced users: The DIRACT VOICE will reliably and quickly guide you to your buried companion in an emergency.

The display is stable from first reception, which reduces stress in an emergency and helps speed up the search. The three-antenna device comes equipped with Smart-Antenna Technology, which analyzes the device’s location in the avalanche and automatically switches to the best transmitting antenna. This means you get up to double the range and will be found more quickly!

In addition to the premium DIRACT VOICE avalanche transceiver, the DIRACT DOES NOT PROVIDE VOICE NAVIGATION, but does provide audio and visual support for coarse and fine search.

Thanks to its streamlined, logical design, the DIRACT is intuitive and easy to use, because using just one button you can quickly flag burial victims or switch to standby mode. Secondary avalanche protection automatically switches from search-and-standby mode to transmit mode to guarantee the searcher full protection. Even in extreme light conditions, the full-graphic, extra-large screen is easy to read and, thanks to clear instructions and a 360-degree real-time display, ensures intuitive user guidance in stressful situations

This handy avalanche transceiver weighs in at just 210 grams, can be held securely when wearing gloves thanks to its rubberized grip zone, and fits easily into a hip pocket if it isn’t being worn in the quick-access carrying system which automatically pushes out the avalanche transceiver when unzipped. This way, the DIRACT is always quickly and safely to hand and instantly ready to use. As a backup, the RECCO® reflector integrated in the carrying system further increases your chances of being found.

The DIRACT comes with a rechargeable low-temperature battery that is especially long-lasting and environmentally friendly. Even at -20°C, the low-temperature battery provides a reliable power supply and, unlike normal batteries, it will not leak.

No. of antennas: 3

Number of avalanche victims: 4

Rechargeable lithium ion battery

Dimensions (in mm): 79 x 120 x 23


Waterproof (EN 300718)

Weight / carrying system: 210 g/ 80 g

Warranty: 5 years with registration

Flagging function

Search strip width: max. 50 m

Stable display from first reception

Display: fully graphic 34mm x 45mm

360° real-time display

Visual and acoustic supportin fine search

Group check

Smart-Antenna-Technology ™

Autom. switchover in case of a secondary avalanche

Recco Reflector Inside

Permanent self-testing and standby mode