Asnes Falketind 62 Xplore (Fall 2021/Spring 2022 Ski!)

Asnes Falketind 62 Xplore (Fall 2021/Spring 2022 Ski!)

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The Falketind 62 is a wide and ultra-light back country ski designed, simply, to be great fun. Its generous side cut makes it excellent on the turn – for the 180 cm ski, a radius of 18.7 metres. Designed with a moderate wax pocket and constructed with a responsive poplar wood core, carbon reinforced for optimum torsional characteristics, the Falketind is ideal for those planning longer trips in demanding and steep terrain. It is ski for those who love to be on skis – climbing far for the pleasure of the descent.Falketind skis are equipped with Skinlock, ready for an X-Skin (short skin) to be instantly locked in place when climbing. This ski also comes with fixations for race-skins, making it possible to use the fastest climbing skins on the marked and handle them like the pro’s.


Weight 1020 grams per ski (180cm)

Material: Poplar / paulownia woodcore / carbon

Steel Edge

Skin Insert

Race Base Sole

Lengths: 172, 180, 188, 196

Width: 97-62-86