Fixe SS3/8 Bolt Hanger

Fixe SS3/8 Bolt Hanger

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The Fixe 34 Stainless Steel Hanger is rated at 1,lbs. Model #38 will accommodate two carabiners, has three dimples to help prevent spinning and is cut from 4mm 34 stainless steel sheet. This hanger has become the industry standard and is used in rope access and military personnel, the rigging and entertainment industry and can be found at cliffs across the North America.

All colors are made from Stainless Steel and have the same ratings. 

SILVER is "uncoated" stainless steel. 

RUST is good for use on red rocks as to not distract from the natural beauty of the landscape.

GREY is good for use to eliminate glimmer/ shine from uncoated stainless steel.