Grivel 360 Ice Screw - 16cm

Grivel 360 Ice Screw - 16cm

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Compact ice screw with pivoting handle, highly versatile.

With the 360 screw the world changes. Compact and collected when closed, it is very effective with the open handle. The pivoting handle allows you to avoid obstacles and to place the screw in any situation, even in a hole! Grivel thread The reverse thread increases the resistance to extraction. The "hydrodynamic" design of the vine promotes penetration with a softness never felt even in the coldest and hardest ice.

Materials/construction/technologies: steel

Certification: CE EN 568 (16 and 20 cm)

Weight: 155 g (12 cm) - 169 g (16 cm) - 189 g (20 cm)


Activities: ice climbing / mountaineering