Hiking Colorado's Roadless Trails

Hiking Colorado's Roadless Trails

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by Penelope Purdy

Written specifically for hiking in pristine places

20 great roadless trails in Colorado's backcountry

Complete beta on locating the trailhead and detailed route descriptions and maps

Imagine walking through a National Forest where there has never been a road, logging or mining, where silence reigns and wild animals find secluded places to raise their young and survive harsh weather. Second only to fully protected wilderness areas, roadless areas are the most intact natural forests that remain in Colorado.

This book is the first guide specifically written to help you find these precious Colorado roadless trails, some of which are still threatened by encroaching development.

The roadless hike descriptions are intended for non-technical hikers and include photos, topographic maps, trail highlights and wildlife viewing tips. The introduction provides helpful background about search and rescue, leave no trace ethics, and hiker preparedness, as well as information on how Colorado's roadless forests can be better protected.

However, this is not just a unique guidebook to some of Colorado's less known areas; it also will provide you with a great deal of information on the importance of roadless areas to wildlife, fish, water quality, and Colorado communities. Hiking Colorado's Roadless Trails further will offer an overview of the ecology of Colorado's forests and why undisturbed forests also are crucial for the future of human communities.