Asnes Liv BC
Asnes Liv BC
Asnes Liv BC
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Asnes Liv BC

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Liv mountain ski has been developed in collaboration with Liv Arnesen, and with the popular Amundsen ski as a starting point. A ski for long mountain hikes with packing. Length rigid and suitable for towing sledges. The ski buckle is adapted to ladies, and the distinctive grease pocket is kept attached for as long as possible. The ski is a natural choice for expedition riders and is of course delivered with Åsnes' patented joint lock. The skis are narrow enough to fit in hiking trails.

Liv Arnesen has been on a number of expeditions and long ski trips. Liv was the first woman in the world to go alone and without support, or supplies to the South Pole. Before that, Liv and Julie Maske were the first women to cross the Greenland ice sheet without support. Liv Arnesen and Ann Bancroft were also the first women to cross Antarctica on skis. Liv has spent a lot of time on Svalbard as a guide and tour guide. Today, Liv spends much of her time on lectures and is a sought-after speaker on the topic of motivation, mastery and leadership.

Body length        Weight (kg)        Ski length

145-155 cm         - 55                        170

155-165                55-65                    175

165-170                60-70                     180

170-175                70-80                     187

175-185                75-85                     194


Steel Edge

Skin Insert

Sinter and Spreadable

Lengths: 170,175,180,187,194

Width: 67 - 57 - 62

Weight: 830g per ski (180cm)

Material: poplar wood core

Use: long trips

prod. land czech republic