Making Turns In Colorado Vol. 1 North

Making Turns In Colorado Vol. 1 North

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Covering the northern part of the state this book features routes in the

northern Front Range, Rabbit Ears, Elkhead, Gore, Sawatch and Tenmile/Mosquito Ranges.

Though less range specific than the last offerings,

there are still over 100 routes to choose from, along with

400+ color photos and topo maps.

With this new book, you too can be King in The North


This book covers the Northern Front Range in detail,

to serve as a volume 3 for the series.

As well as 20+ routes in the Tenmile/Mosquito Range

to serve as volume 2.


Routes range from mild winter outings to rowdy unpublished lines;

from mild to wild because it’s all about the options.

The table of contents below is complete and accurate.