Moment Wildcat Tour
Moment Wildcat Tour
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Moment Wildcat Tour

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There will always be those who love going uphill, we get it- hell we do it too, so we can respect that. So long as we don’t have to tiptoe on eggshells the whole way down. We are here to ski after all.

That’s why Moment built the Wildcat Tour. Because contrary to popular belief you should be able to have that sweet widebody cake and eat it too. Plus eating that cake atop a ridgeline you've earned under your own power makes it all that much sweeter.

So in the spirit of working smarter not harder—or rather working smarter so you can work harder for longer—Moment puts the fatcat on a strict diet and trimmed some serious fat. That way you can go back for third helpings and do it all again tomorrow.

And of course it’s still a Moment, not some non-repairable $2000 carbon tube that’ll shatter when your questionable decision making puts you right smack-dab in the middle of the shark pool.

Length (cm) Tip/Waist/Tail (mm) Radius (m) Pair Weight (kg)
174 141/116/131 21.0 3.39
1479 141/116/131 23.0 3.51
184 141/116/131 25.0 3.68
190 143/118/133 27.0 3.80
  • Paulownia/ ash wood core
  • ABS sidewall
  • Lowfat Layup
  • 7500 series carbon base
  • 2.2 euro edge