Swix Mountain Explorer

Swix Mountain Explorer

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The Mountain Expedition is a 2-piece back country pole dedicated for demanding use on snow. The pole has super lightweight tubes connected with the Sonic locking system. The Mountain Expedition comes with a new extended Ergo/Multigrip handle in EVA and Corkfilled urethane for maximum comfort on long skiing days. The handle is linked to your hand with the Sonic strap system. The strap fixation is bullet proof and strap adjustment is easily done even when wearing thick mittens. The flexible leather basket gives excellent support against soft/powder snow, but still work well on crust snow and groomed trails.

Recommended use: Backcountry skiing, expeditions, snowshoeing, powder snow and loose tracks.

Features: Weight: 230 grams Adjustable. Length span 130-165 cm.


Diameters & lengths Handle 18 mm, ferrule 10 mm. 130 cm - 165 cm.


Carbon composite

Offtrack and expeditions

For explorers and back country skiing

Low weight telescopic pole with Sonic locking system