Poudre Canyon Rock Climbs - 3ED

Poudre Canyon Rock Climbs - 3ED

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Located northwest of Fort Collins, CO, the Poudre Canyon is home to some of the highest quality sport climbing and bouldering in Colorado. Long considered a rock climbing area only frequented by locals who didn't want to drive to 'better climbing' elsewhere in the state, author Bennett Scott and many others have spent the last several decades putting that myth to rest with the development and documentation of some of the hardest, proudest, cleanest, and most inspiring climbing routes to be found anywhere in Colorado.


Ten years have passed since the 2nd Edition of the Poudre Canyon Guidebook was released and things have been anything but quiet. New routes and boulder problems have been established on a weekly basis - the climbing here just keeps getting better and better. Perhaps you live in Fort Collins and just want to get out for a pleasant day of shady bouldering. Or maybe you're looking to explore something new with a weekend of beautiful camping, cragging, and bouldering. The Poudre has something to offer everyone, so join the author on a journey through 50 miles of breathtaking cliffs and boulders that are climbable all year long!


Table of Contents

Lower Canyon

Picnic Rock

French Arête / Mike’s Roof

Happy Hour Crag

Poudre Practice Rock


Pine Vu Area

Brink’s Rock

Triple Tier Areas

Crystal Wall


Stove Prairie Road


Widowmakers / Electric Ocean

Colors Crag

The Keep

Ra’s Buttress Area

Sheep Mountain

Narrows Blocs

Ice Canyon

The Trough

Eden Area

Twilight Area

Snake Eyes Walls

Supercollider / Solar Panel

The Beach / Last Turn Crag

Mountain Park Boulder


Grandpa’s Bridge

West of Rustic

Hatchery Boulder Area

Pearl Area

Critical Mass Area

Turtle Crag

Roaring Creek Boulder

Bliss State Wildlife Area (S.W.A.)

Bog Area


Vista Crag

420 Boulders

Boston Peak

Black Boulder Area

Merlin Boulder

Pearl Necklace Area

Gandalf Area

Poudre Falls

Bristlecone Castle