Edelrid Rap Line II 6.5

Edelrid Rap Line II 6.5

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Have you ever been in the unwelcome rappelling situation where your lead rope is caught and the only other cord you have is a static tag line? When the benefit of carrying a light-weight rap line quickly turns ugly and leaves you with only 2 options for rope retrieval: free solo up the rappel route, or risk the back-breaking fall potential of leading on a static rope or accessory cord. Both options have been known to cause normally macho men to shed tears and curse the idea of a tag line. The new Edelrid Rap Line II is the answer to that call. It’s the first-ever accessory cord with a dynamic safety reserve. It comes in 6.5mm and weighs 25 g/m. From the outside it looks like any other unsuspecting cord but beneath the sheath, it’s packed with a lot of pop.

Type: Half

Diameter: 6.5 mm

UIAA Falls: 2-3

Impact Force: 10 kN

Static Elongation: 7-8%

Weight: 25 g/m