Asnes X-Skin Nylon

Asnes X-Skin Nylon

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X-Skin 30mm is produced in 100% nylon from Colltex in Switzerland.

This width is recommended for narrow models like Mountain Race and Mountain Touring skis.

Made of nylon for optimal durability and grip, this short skin can be used on all Åsnes skis with a skin insertion point. Nylon skins are excellently suited for wet and heavy snow.

To further enhance the skin’s performance, we recommend waxing/proofing it for a better glide.

Short climbing skins from Åsnes are delivered in a practical bag customized for X-Skin, which can be attached to your backpack or belt. The bag has a perforated fabric on the bottom, allowing the skin to dry and water to flow out.

Equipped with a skin-protector at the front to prevent ice and snow accumulating on it and to secure it for long distances.

Short Skins from Åsnes are produced by the renowned skinnlock manufacturer Coll-Tex in Switzerland. Short skins from Åsnes can be used on all Åsnes skis with skinlocks. The skin is made of 100% Nylon for optimal durability and grip. Nylon skins are excellent suited for wet and heavy snow. If you want a better performance from the skin we advice you to impregnate the skins, which will provide a better glide.