DMM Wallnut size 10
DMM Wallnut size 10
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DMM Wallnut size 10

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DMM Wallnuts are a long established favourite. This classic wired nut has a carefully designed shape that gives you the best possible chance of getting good solid placement every time.

Weight, Strength: 
1- 15g, 7kN 
2- 26g, 9kN 
3- 28g, 11kN 
4- 30g, 12kN 
5- 32g, 12kN 
6- 39g, 12kN 
7- 40g, 12kN 
8- 45g, 12kN 
9- 50g, 12kN 
10- 56g, 12kN 
11- 68g, 12kN

Curved taper gives stable placements and resists lifting out 

A Wallnut's curving taper fits a wide variety of cracks in different rock types. Their design creates three points of contact between the nut and rock in a placement, giving stable placements that resist lifting out.


Allows placement in two orientations for increased versatility 

Passive protection can be placed either side or face on, doubling the number of cracks any single piece can protect.


Grooved faces improve security in irregular rock 

Wallnuts and Offsets have a groove machined into their faces, allowing them to sit better in irregular placements and on highly featured rock. This makes them more versatile across different rock types.


Colour coded for easy size identification 

The DMM protection range is colour coded for quick and easy size selection. Colours are co-ordinated across passive and active protection, for quick selection of alternatives if your first choice doesn't fit.