Greenland Sail & Ski Epic

Bootfitter and sales associate Chris (@chrisgoesoutdoorsing) took some time off from working at Neptune to follow a dream to sail to and ski Greenland. He just sent in the report below:

As the end of bootfitting season quickly approached, I found myself with a crew position on board a steel hulled Schooner bound for Greenland.

Loaded with sailing gear, ski touring kit, and a solid partner, we flew from Colorado to Newfoundland to start our adventure. After a couple weeks drinking coffee, hiking the sea cliffs, climbing, and fixing things on the boat we got a weather window to make the 1,100-mile crossing of the formidable Labrador Sea.

First landing in Paamiut, we had a quick rest before heading to Nuuk. The shorter sail up the West coast was an exciting one, as we hand steered through a blizzard, avoiding islands and icebergs in the swell.

Once in Nuuk, it was as green light as Greenland gets for a multi day ski traverse of the local fjords, and then a couple more weeks of railing turns in the steep and deep pow.

Overall it was one of the most fun trips I’ve ever had, and I’ve been reading a map of Greenland like a novel ever since.


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