Our Story

An image of Neptune Mountaineering founder Gary Neptune on top of the Salathe Wall, 1974

On April 1, 1973, Gary Neptune first opened the doors to his little shop in the university town of Boulder, Colorado. In the beginning, the shop primarily repaired climbing and ski boots, and also installed edges on wooden skis and re-shafted ice axes. Gary surrounded himself with a staff of fellow adventurers fueled by the same passions and set about creating a shop run by enthusiasts for enthusiasts.


A photo of Gary Neptune in the original Neptune Mountaineering Store
 Gary Neptune in the Original Neptune Mountaineering Store


In 2013, Gary sold Neptune Mountaineering to Texas-based Backwoods, where it struggled to live up to the legacy and community relationships the shop had built under Gary's leadership. In 2017, Andrew and Shelley Dunbar purchased Neptune Mountaineering. Local Boulder residents, the Dunbars also own Sea to Summit's North American operations - located across town in Boulder. Today Neptune Mountaineering is a locally-owned, independent, single location brick and mortar retail shop - and that's something we're really proud of. 


An image depicting part of Neptune Mountaineering since its renovation


The staff at Neptune continue to seek out perfect rock, fresh snow, and dizzying heights all around the world. From the very beginning, Gary Neptune's easy-going and informal approach attracted many fellow enthusiasts over the years, and that culture continues today. Hands-on experience is important and playtime a necessity. And sharing that passion for "all things outdoor" with new adventurers or fellow enthusiasts is what the staff LOVES doing!