We are pleased to announce that our weekly events are BACK!  Block off Thursday nights on your calendar to be at Neptune as we invite great speakers to share their latest adventures, insights on new products, training tips, and more. Tickets are free but limited to 150 guests. Scroll down to view our calendar of events.

Anniversary Event Lineup

Saturday, June 25 - Neptune is celebrating our 49th anniversary this year! Join us for panel discussions covering topics like diversity in the outdoors, injury prevention recovery, and a keynote presentation from Hilaree Nelson.  See details below. 


2:30pm - Panel Discussion: Athlete Body Maintenance

Injury Prevention, Nutrition, & Recovery

Learn how to care for your body to prevent injuries, provide the best fuel, and ways to recover after workouts. Join us for a panel discussion with experts in body maintenance at our 49th Anniversary Event! Our speakers include:

Moderator: Connie Sciolino, MS, CSCS  |  The Alpine Training Center
Dr. Laura Schmonsees, DPT  |  Wave Tool Therapy
Colette Vartanian MS, RD  |  Athlete Care Manager for Skratch Labs
Dr. Kevin Cowell, PT, DPT, OCS, CSCS, FAAOMPT (He/Him)


4:00 pm - Panel Discussion: See My Humanity

A conversation about Diversity in the outdoors

 Join us for a panel discussion moderated by Neptune Store Manager Kunlong Cousin with panelists from a variety of backgrounds at our 49th Anniversary Event! Our speakers include:

Moderator: Kunlong Cousin, Neptune Store Manager
Jamie Logan: Accomplished Climber, Architect 
Anthony Lee: Professional Ultra Runner and Restauranter 
Lisa Smith: Guide for Womens Wilderness Group


6:00pm - Keynote Speaker: Hilaree Nelson

Captain of the North Face Athlete Team

 With a career spanning two decades that includes dozens of first descents through more than 40 expeditions to 16 different countries, Hilaree Nelson is the most prolific ski mountaineer of her generation. The 45-year-old mother of two was the first female to link two 8000m peaks, Everest and Lhotse, in one 24 hour push. In the fall of 2018, she returned to 27,940-foot Lhotse a second time to ski from the summit, linking turns down one of the most prized un-skied lines in the world.

Hilaree grew up in Seattle, skiing on the weekends at Stevens Pass in Washington’s Cascades. After college, Hilaree booked a one-way ticket to Chamonix, France that would change the course of her life. That first season, she learned the ins and outs of ski mountaineering (and won a world extreme skiing contest). One winter turned into five. Hilaree discovered she had the engine for climbing, and after her first TNF expedition to India, she was hooked.


Sunday, June 26th - BCC Crag Cleanup

Keep our local climbing areas safe, clean, and enjoyable


BCC partner Neptune Mountaineering is hosting a Flatirons Stewardship Day on Sunday, June 26th as part of their Anniversary Event!

Crews will be meeting at NCAR and Chautauqua to pick up trash along Boulder's most popular trails, restock wag bag stations, and be stewards of the area!

Neptune has some rad swag packages for those that are coming out to help so sign up before all the spots are taken! All you need to bring are hiking clothes and work gloves if you have them. BCC will be providing wag bags for stocking as well as garbage bags for trash. See you out there 👋


June 30 -  Michael Reese & Kyle Richardson

Join us as Neptune's own Michael Reese’s and Kyle Richardson—both sponsored mountain athletes—present "Flatiron Fandango: tales about endeavors in Boulder’s Iconic fountain formation”. They will cover FKT’s, as well as their scrambling progression, stories, flow/meditation, talk about routes, and how everyone can enjoy the flatirons.


July 7 - Jon Kedrowski: Classic Colorado Hikes Book Launch

Join us for a discussion with author and mountaineer Dr. Jon Kedrowski as shares his explorations of all the major peaks and high mountain lakes of Colorado. His discussion and slideshow will focus on trip planning as well as weather and climate conditions in Colorado for the recreational hiker, and will include information on safety and backcountry preparedness. Jon’s book– Classic Colorado Hikes – will be featured to offer inspiration on a few of the places to explore in Colorado. Clear mountain lakes, high peaks, swimming holes, and even “Wild Ice” skating will all be part of the journey in this multimedia presentation.

Stick around for the end and Jon will touch on his recent expeditions to both Everest and Winter K2. He will discuss strategy, risk management, and weather considerations for climbing these 8,000m giants and even how you can get involved in visiting the Himalayas and Karakoram with his company, Dr. Jon’s Adventures.

July 14 - Alan Arnette: Everest vs. K2


We all know about Everest, the world’s highest mountain, and some say, the world’s highest circus these days. And K2, well, it’s a peak with a bad reputation. One in four dies who climb it. It only has 5% of the 11,000 summits on Everest.

So which is the baddest mountain? Both mountains have fascinating histories. Did Mallory and Irvine die heading up to the summit and back down? On K2, what really appended to Dudley Wolfe in1939? Was he left to die by the German team he helped fund?

And today, Everest attracts climbers like a light to bugs. But why and who are these people? K2 used to attract the best of the best, but is it turning into Everest, complete with throngs of Sherpa fixing ropes and people climbing with massive amounts of supplemental oxygen. People who have never climbed above 8000-meters in their lives. Has K2 been tamed now that it was summited in winter, the last of the fourteen 8000ers to see a winter summit?

Of fourteen 8,000-meter peaks, these two are the most famous, but for different reasons. One for geography, another for the challenge. The saying goes, if you want to brag, summit Everest. If you want respect, summit K2. Is that still true today? Join us for a discussion and raffle with prizes from Himali. 


The fun doesn't stop there. Join us every Thursday night as we invite more great speakers share their latest adventures, insights on new products, training tips, and more! There will be free swag and raffles. 

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