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Tuning Services

Full Tune
Precision belt and stone grind, base and side edge sharpening, hand wax, P-Tex base repair (non-core shots)
Basic Tune

Precision belt and stone grind, base and side edge sharpening, all temp infrared wax.

Full Tune - Nordic Waxless

Precision belt grid, base and side edge sharpening, P-Tex base repair, all temp infrared wax


New Ski Prep
De-tune tip and tail, hand polish full edges, hot iron wax, scrape and buff

Sharpen and Wax
Edges sharpened and all temp belt wax
Premium - Hand Wax
Premium hand wax of choice, scrape and buff
Infrared Wax
Infrared wax, scrape and buff
Belt & Stone Grind $35
Belt Grind Only $20
Base Clean $10
Core Shot Repair - per inch $10
Epoxy Topsheet Repair - per inch $5

Mounting Services

Mounting Discounts:
FREE mount with 3 qualifying ski purchases* 
50% Off with 2 qualifying ski purchases*

*Qualifying ski purchase items include: Skis, boots, bindings

AT/NTN Binding Install $90
AT Fixed Heel/Race Install $110

75mm Telemark, 3-Pin, NNN-BC Binding Install

Splitboard Binding Install $60
Binding Removal / Remount / Plugs $20
Wood Plugs x4 $10
Binding Adjust with Torque Test
Required for all Salomon, Marker, and Fritshi Bindings

Binding Adjust (No Torque Test)



Phantom Treatments and Installs

Phantom Treatment (Product) $99
Phantom Install (new skis) $50
Phantom Install (used skis) $100


Miscellaneous Services

Skin Trim
$20 if skins purchased from Neptune

Used Skin Repair (resizing, replacing tip/tail clips) *no re-glue  $45
Pine Tar
Avy Canister Refill
Beacon Update


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Discounts available for work done on any equipment purchased at Neptune!

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