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World class expertise to help you ski backcountry with comfort and precision

Are you looking to buy your first pair of touring ski boots or upgrade your current setup? Do you have painful hot spots or blisters? Do you have too much or too little space in your boot?

At Neptune, our team of boot fitters has years of hands-on experience to properly select and fit boots, build custom foot beds, and precision-mold boot liners and shells. 

While we can improve the fit of downhill boots with custom footbeds and liner molds, Neptune specializes in backcountry touring ski boots in AT, Telemark, and Nordic styles. What's the difference?

  • AT (Alpine Touring) boots are designed for touring uphill and skiing fixed-heel downhill. 
  • Telemark boots come in both 75mm traditional styles and NTN styles.
  • Nordic (cross-country) boots are designed for backcountry low-angle touring. 
  • Alpine (downhill) boots are designed to ski at lift-service resorts. Crossover boots have a walk mode, and are compatible with downhill resort bindings and frame touring bindings. Although we don't sell them, we can provide a professional fit experience, mold liners, and build appropriate footbeds for your alpine (downhill) and crossover boots.

Call 303-499-8866 to set up your Bootfitting Appointment today!


Approximate times for bootfitting services:

  • Liner mold for YOUR boot with drop-in foot bed: 1 hour
  • Custom footbed for your boot: 1 hour
  • Problem solving for your existing boot: 1 to 2 hours
  • Purchase a new boot with a liner mold and custom footbed: 2 hours

Walk-ins are welcome but may be asked to wait. For priority service, we strongly encourage you to make an appointment. 

What to Expect

ski boot selection at Neptune

It Starts by Selecting the Right Boot

Our knowledgeable team will help you narrow down the best options based on the type of skiing you’re doing and your current and desired level of expertise. 

Add Custom Foot Beds for Performance and Comfort

Once we have the boot that's right for you, we move on to the custom foot bed process (optional, but highly recommended). Our boot fitters use a special molding device to perfectly replicate the shape of your feet. Not only does this dramatically enhance comfort for long days of touring, but it also allows you to drive your skis more effectively without any unwanted movement or sliding in the boot. 

Finishing Touches

Finally, they’ll move onto heating and shaping your liners and shells so that everything fits snuggly but comfortably. Ankle bone pressure? No problem, we can fix that! Pinching on the calf? We can fix that too! And perhaps the best part of the process? Toe capping! This creates the perfect amount of toe space in your boot, ensuring a pocket of air to keep them warm as can be.

Get fitted today, and ski better tomorrow! 
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