At Neptune, you'll find world class boot fitters who are ready with the expertise and equipment to fit, form and build custom foot beds, as well as to precision-mold boot liners and shells. Our team of boot fitters has over 20 years of hands-on experience and you’ll find the results will help you ski better, and you’ll be more comfortable doing it.

It starts by selecting the right boot.

We start by finding the right boot for you. To select and fit you in the best options for the type of skiing you’re doing and your current and desired level of expertise, expect to spend about an hour or more working with the boot fitter.

We can do this on a walk-in basis, however to guarantee a boot fitter’s availability we recommend making an appointment. We have boot fitters on staff seven days a week, so call our main number 303-499-8866 and select option #2.

Custom Foot Beds = Performance and Comfort

Once we have the boot that's right for you, we move on to the custom foot bed process (optional, but highly recommended). Our boot fitters use a special foot bed molding device to perfectly replicate the shape of your feet. Then, using heat and pressure, they lock in that shape. Not only does this dramatically enhance comfort for long days of touring, but it also allows you to drive your skis that much more effectively without any unwanted movement or sliding in the boot. 

An image of one of our bootfitters molding custom footbeds for a customer. Our bootfitter is sitting on a rolling chair and has ski boots displayed behind her.

The finishing touches while you're on the boot bench

At this point, the boot fitters have already brought you a beer, a glass of wine or a kombucha from the Neptune Café. So, now they’ll move onto heating and shaping your liners and shells so that everything fits snuggly but comfortably. Ankle bone pressure? No problem we can fix that! Pinching on the calf? We can fix that too! And perhaps the best part of the process? Toe capping! This creates the perfect amount of toe space in your boot, ensuring a pocket of air to keep them warm as can be.

Get fitted today, and ski better tomorrow!

Call us at 303-499-8866 and select option #2 to schedule your appointment with a professional boot fitter.