Choosing Length for Asnes Skis

Choosing Length for Asnes Skis

Amy Wansing |

choosing length for asnes skis

Choosing the right length

Ski length is determined according to body weight and height. The table below is only a guide, however – experience, skill, terrain and individual needs can all influence your choice of length. 


Body length (cm)       Weight (kg)        Ski length

150-160                      -55                         165

160-170                      55-65                     175

170-180                      65-75                     185

180-190                      75-90                     195

190-200                      90-                          205

Generally speaking, moving through rugged terrain calls for shorter skis than the open mountain plateau. And for beginners, short skis are easier to control. If you’re mainly skiing along tracks, length isn’t the most crucial factor. For good float on deep snow, a slightly wider ski is useful. Lighter skiers might consider a shorter ski; heavier skiers a longer ski. Skiers with loads such as backpacks and sledges might consider a longer ski.