Allanspark Ski Tour

Last weekend our ski shop crew hit the backcountry. Here's Michael's report:
Elliot and Scott picked me up around 8am for an adventurous day near Allenspark, Colo. We drove through the storm with excitement as the snowfall increased with each passing minute. We arrived to the beautiful sight of fresh powder on the mountain.
As we started the climb we were reminded of the struggles of breaking trail in a fresh blanket of powder. Although we rotated leaders so everyone did their share of hard work, Scott definitely lead the charge once we reached our steepest incline. (Thanks Scotty).
We broke above treeline despite Elliot’s warning of doing more work than needed to enjoy a day of skiing. Nevertheless, Scott and I—determined to suffer—convinced him to summit with us. Needless to say, boot packing up the rocky and ice covered summit was an excellent idea. Feeling accomplished and half frozen after two minutes on the windy summit we all agreed, “let’s get the *%$! outta here.”
Never a dull moment in the back country with these guys.

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