Ski Glacier Gorge, RMNP

Ski Glacier Gorge, RMNP

Neptune Staff |

Senior Neptune Mountaineering Ski Shop Tech Michael (@michaelmirabellaphotography) along with other ski shop boys Scott and Elliot ventured into RMNP to harvest the fresh foot of snow while Chris and Drew held down the work at the Neptune ski shop. Here's his report:
Glacier Gorge was a beautiful and welcoming site as we drove up trail ridge road. The valley greeted us with sunshine and low winds making an uncharacteristically warm start to our tour in the park. Scott and Elliot love their Dynafit bindings for their durability and functional design—some of the best and most reliable in the industry. I tagged along on my Voile splitboard.
Scott loves his Alpha 40 back pack from Arc'teryx for its simple and efficient design. I’m using my new Tour 32 Backpack from Arva. Complete with separate compartments for beacon, shovel, and probe, this backpack holds my camera, water, snacks, and extra layers with ease.

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