Asnes Nansen Ski

Asnes Nansen Ski

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The Nansen BC is the perfect backcountry ski for active skiers in varying terrain and conditions.

Its steel edge and moderate wax pocket mark it out for challenging winter excursions. It is agile and easy to turn, with a generous sidecut and a width offering exemplary support and float on deeper snow.

A ski built for those at home on winter hikes.

Nansen BC skis are equipped with Skinlock, ready for an X-Skin (short skin) to be attached in an instant for climbing.

Fritjof Nansen (1861-193) was a polar explorer, scientist, diplomat and humanist. His expedition of 1888, made on skis, was the first documented crossing of Greenland. Aboard his ship ‘Fram', he made important observations increasing our understanding of the Arctic Ocean. The winner of many awards for scientific research, he was awarded the 1922 Nobel Peace Prize for his humanitarian and contribution to peace.

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