Sterling Canyonlux 8mm Canyon Rope

Sterling Canyonlux 8mm Canyon Rope

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Made from 4 distinct fiber types, and coming in at a light and compact 8 mm diameter, CanyonLux is engineered and built to meet the needs of advanced canyoneering. A blended Technora®/polyester sheath provides a perfect balance of water and abrasion resistance and features a unique and highly visible color pattern. A revolutionary dual core is made from light and flexible polypropylene surrounded by a layer of massively strong, braided Spectra® material. This design keeps the rope small and light, reduces sheath slippage to a bare minimum and provides maximum strength. All of this makes the new CanyonLux the best handling and most packable canyon rope currently available.

Diameter (mm): 8.0
Weight (g/m): 41.2
MBS Rating (kN) 24.2
MBS Rating (lb) 5,440
Elongation at 300lb (%) 3.9
Sheath Slippage (mm) 0

8.0 mm Canyon Rope

Core/Sheath: Spectra® & Polypropylene/Technora® & Polyester