Hilleberg Enan 1
Hilleberg Enan 1

Hilleberg Enan 1

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WE MODELED THE NEW ENAN after our award-winning, best-selling Akto, with the goal of making a three season version that was as light as possible while still having the strength we require from a Hilleberg tent. We knew that we could have made the Enan even lighter, but we also knew that doing so would yield less than "true Hilleberg" durability and function. We used the Akto's proven single pole design and its single-ended full pole sleeve system, then reduced weight by using lighter fabrics in both the inner and outer tents. Indeed, we developed our 10 denier, Kerlon 600 outer tent fabric specifically for the Enan. At the same time, we kept the same 9 mm DAC NSL pole the Akto uses, because the weight savings of a smaller diameter pole is quite negligible, while the loss in strength is significant. As with our other Yellow Label tents, the Enan's venting system is built into its construction: a full mesh inner tent door, in combination with outer tent head and foot ends of tough mesh both allows and encourages constant air flow!