Asnes Cecilie BC Waxless
Asnes Cecilie BC Waxless
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Asnes Cecilie BC Waxless

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The Cecilie BC Waxless is the same ski at the bestseller Cecilie BC, just with a Waxless sole with “fish-shell” pattern. This is a ski that once was developed in close cooperation with the adventurer and Åsnes ambassador Cecilie Skog.

Tuned for women, the Cecilie BC’s full steel edge and moderate wax pocket offer stability and an enduring, dependable grip; easy to turn, its sidecut and width make for a ski offering excellent support and float on deeper snow.

A backcountry ski for women who enjoy hiking or Nordic touring, the Cecilie BC ski is equipped with Skinlock, ready for an X-Skin to be attached in an instant for climbing.

This is a ski that is experienced as easy to handle for most people. Due to a smaller and lower camber profile, you will always be guaranteed a good grip, regardless of snow conditions.

The Asnes waxless pattern and waxless skis come with a camber profile and pocket developed for good grip and a self-developed “shell pattern” that works well in several snow conditions. Forgiving camber, good carrying capacity, stability, and a solution that provides usable attachment to normal winter conditions make waxless skis a good option for many.

All Asnes waxless skis come with an integrated Skinlock, so you can use the X-Skin short skin in combination with the Waxless sole. This provides a good, simple, and reliable combination. Perfect for those who do not want to bother with waxing and klister.

If you want to get the most out of Åsnes’ X-Skin system, we recommend using a custom climbing skin, either X-skin 45mm Mohair for cold conditions / moderate terrain, X-Skin 45mm Mix for all-round use, or X-skin 45mm Nylon for wet conditions / steep terrain.

Cecilie Skog is one of the world’s foremost adventurers, an avid polar explorer, and mountain climber. Cecilie was the first woman in the world to both reach the highest peaks on all seven continents (Seven summits), and reach the South and North Poles, a feat known as “The Explorers Grand Slam”. She has also crossed Greenland a number of times and been on top of several 8000-meter peaks, including Cho Oyu and K2.

Note: Skis are considered "oversize items" with a shipping cost of $70.

Length:  170,175,180,185,190
Width:  76-56-66
Weight:  895g per ski (180cm)
Material:  poplar woodcore
Use:  forgiving, playful allround use and downhill
Construction:  cap
Production country:  Czech republic
SKU:  542018

Choosing a Size:

Height (cm) Weight (kg) Suggested Length (cm)
-160 cm -55 170
155-165 55-65 175
160-175  60-70 180
170-175 65-75 185
175-180 70-80 190
180-185 75-85 195
  • steel edge
  • skin insert
  • waxless