Asnes Tonje BC
Asnes Tonje BC
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Asnes Tonje BC

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This is the ski for adventurous girls. Perfect ski for deep and demanding spring snow, but also a playful ski for steep descents. The ski has a distinctive Nordic Rocker with taper in the tip. This makes the ski easy to handle in loose conditions. The ski has a turn of 22mm.

Tonje Blomseth, who has participated in the development of the new girls' ski, is for many an undescribed magazine, but the girl from Trøndelag has since she was 17 years old been given a significant role in the Norwegian expedition environment. Tonje walked along Norway already as a 17-year-old, and was then the youngest who had ever completed the trip. She is entering an exciting year where she will, among other things, spend a lot of time in Canada as a hunting woman, together with her boyfriend. We look forward to following Tonje on her future adventures.

Tonje won the award as the wilderness of the year in 2016, an award previously won by well-known profiles such as Lars Monsen, Cecilie Skog and Villmarksbarna.

Note: Skis are considered "oversize items" with a shipping cost of $70. 

Choice of ski length

Ski length is determined on the basis of body length, weight and possible skills. The table is intended as an aid and must not be followed slavishly. Skiing skills, terrain, weight and packing, as well as individual needs / habits are factors that influence the choice of length and model.

General advice: Traffic in rough terrain requires shorter skis than open mountain ranges. For beginners, it will often be easier with short skis. If you walk a lot in groomed tracks, length does not matter in terms of how well you float in the snow, then it is instead the tension that is crucial. If it is a light person, he / she should also choose a slightly shorter ski and vice versa if you are heavier.


Body length        Weight (kg)       Ski length

150-160                -55                         165

160-170                50-65                    175

170-180                60-75                    185

Steel edge

Skin insert

Lengths: 165, 175, 185

Width 84-62-74

Weight 925g per ski (175cm)

Materials: poppel / paulownia

Use: steep terrain

Recommended bBinding: 75mm / bc