Arva Switch Tour Bundle (25+4)
Arva Switch Tour Bundle (25+4)
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Arva Switch Tour Bundle (25+4)

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For doing everything. Like never before.

A pack made up of the TOUR4 AIRBAG and the TOUR25 SWITCH COVER, for ultimate versatility on short or extremely long hikes.

Not one to stick to one specific sport? The SWITCH TOUR BUNDLE is designed just for you.
The compact and lightweight TOUR25 AIRBAG is the perfect pack for most all-day tours in the backcountry.
Need to carry more gear in your avalanche airbag backpack? No problem, the TOUR4 SWITCH COVER offers up to 5L of carrying capacity!

With this amazing combo, you'll never need to leave home without your airbag.

Eco-friendly: 1% of the fabrics used for the TOUR series are recycled. We use a 33D MIPAN REGEN-ROBIC recycled polyamide, as well as 2D and 3D recycled polyester. Our backpacks are also PFC-FREE.

Key benefits of the ARVA REACTOR avalanche airbag system:

  • Double the safety: 2 separate airbags.
  • The lightest avalanche airbag system on the market: 68 g
  • The most powerful inflation system on the market
  • Airbags are shaped to protect your head and maximize the rise-to-surface effect in an avalanche
  • The trigger handle is ergonomically positioned and designed
  • Remove the canister from the system to practice pulling the trigger handle
  • No electronics or batteries to manage
  • Removable system compatible with all ARVA REACTOR packs