Asnes Combat Pole

Asnes Combat Pole

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Alloy pole produced in a solid 7075 alloy quality. This pole is adjustable (2-Section) and can be adjusted from 110-155cm.

The well-tested Flick-Lock locking system secures the pole in a selected length.

NATO Alloy 2-section is adapted for Nordic Backcountry skiing and has a long narrow grip produced in EVA material. This to adapt/change grip when moving into steep terrain and when using a sled.
Wide straps gives solid support in steep terrain and constructed with an easy adjustment of strap ( also with the use of mittens/glows).

Wide basket in PA/Nylon and Hypalon. The diameter of the basket is 105mm and secures sufficient
support in deep snow.

  • Long grip in EVA – designed for quick changes of grip
  • New belt construction – for easy length adjustment
  • New belt lock
  • New adjustment around the wrist (one-hand grip)
  • Security leash attachment
  • Solid loose snow basket in Hypalon and PA6
  • Flick-lock locking system
  • Extra equipment: Security leash and loose snow basket