DMM Nutbuster Nut Tool

DMM Nutbuster Nut Tool

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In an ideal world the leader places protection with some thought to how easy it will be to retrieve for their second. In reality this rarely happens, and nut keys are invaluable for retrieving jammed gear.

The Nutbuster takes this simple concept and refines it. A rubber handle gives a firm grip, and lets you bash the Nutbuster to remove stuck protection. It can be removed to reveal a 17mm spanner that lets you tighten loose bolts. The Nutbuster is laser cut from stainless steel for strength and corrosion resistance, with holes cut into it to minimise weight.

A versatile and functional tool that every trad climber should carry.

Rubber handle makes retrieving stuck protection easier

Laser cut from stainless steel for low weight and corrosion resistance

Narrow profile aids access to deep or awkward placements

17mm spanner lets you tighten loose bolts