Swix Climbing Skin Wax N12NC (150ml)

Swix Climbing Skin Wax N12NC (150ml)

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Clumping skins in the backcountry is a real drag...heh, heh. Overtime skins lose their factory DWR finish (the stuff that keeps them H20 proof) when that happens the hairs can get saturated from moisture in the snowpack, especially in the Spring, they ice up and next thing you know you've got four-inches of snow clinging to your skin. This liquid, fluoro-free skin wax can really help. Apply to dry skins prior to heading out. If you try to apply to already wet skins it will not work, the liquid is hydrophobic so the water in the skins wil prevent bonding. 

  • Prevents icing and clumping.
  • Improves glide.
  • Helps repel dirt.
  • Easy applicator tip.
  • 150ml (5 fl.oz.)

How to use:

  1. Attach skins to skis.
  2. Shake can well, depress tip on the skin moving from tip to tail.
  3. Once skin is covered allow 5-10min drying and you're good to go!
  4. You can apply with skis leaning against a wall, or base up on a workbench.