4th of Voo-ly

 shares about a marathon of a different kind: Off-Width Climbing.

My friends and I have a holiday tradition we call 4th of Voo-ly. It's been happening for over a decade and it's a weekend I look forward to all year. Despite having climbed in Vedauwoo for over ten years, it still excites me and I don't think I'll ever get tired of climbing there. There is something strangely comforting about stuffing yourself inside a wide crack and working through a dozen body positions just to move a few inches. It's like a hug from Mother Earth herself, crushing pain aside. At Vedauwoo, patience and thoughtful body adjustments can help to ease the discomfort, but sometimes there’s no other option but to grind!

Gear Highlights

Crack Gloves: Between our group we had most of the available options represented. G7, Outdoor Research, Ocun and Black Diamond. Each design has its strengths and weakness. I recommend coming in and trying them on to see what works best for you. This was my first time using the BD gloves and I did appreciate the additional thumb and wrist coverage.

That said, if you plan on crack climbing multiple days in a row, especially on coarse granite like at Vedauwoo, a quick “boxer wrap” of tape under your glove can help protect the fatty part of your thumb and palm and thus lead to more enjoyable and prolonged jamming, stacking and winging.

@fiveten_official Grandstone – lots of opinions out there since the “acquisition” of Five Ten by Adidas. Yes, the brand is different now and the classic models just don’t quite feel the same, but if you haven’t tried on the Grandstone they’re worth a shot. I went with US street shoe size for all day comfort and these have quickly become one of my favorite all-around shoes.

@Sterlingrope Quest 9.6mm- Still looks brand new after three days in the Voo, so far so good.

@MysteryRanch Scepter 35 – Fat ropes and big cams are heavy. The Scepters’ plush hip belt and lumbar pad made hauling all that gear much more pleasant.

Use Code TIMFROMMAINE15 on our website or in-store for 15% off crack gloves, Grandstone's, Quest ropes, and Scepter 35 packs until August 3rd.

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