Family Camping in the Collegiate Peaks

Outreach Manager Cameron (@offyonder) and his family headed to the high country to beat the heat:

My wife snagged us a last-minute campground reservation for our family of four near Buena Vista to get us out of the heatwave that descended on the Front Range. We started our weekend with a nice 5-mile hike and our kids, 8- and 5-years-old, were both absolute troopers! My 5-year-old son carried his own backpack complete with water, snacks, and his first aid kit the whole way. It was a loop and my daughter picked going clockwise at random and it turned out to be the perfect way to go with a very gradual gain most of the way and then a steep descent at the end. Going the other way may not have worked so well for us. 

At camp we took it easy and enjoyed some delicious meals, a campfire, and s'mores. We shared lots of quality family time in the form of tickle parties in the tent, a quiet cup of tea in the morning while the kids slept in, but then sweet morning snuggles in the cool mountain air. Once things warmed up, we played in the creek and explored—a perfect getaway for the weekend. 

Favorite Gear: 

Kid's Osprey Backpack—Rey loves carrying his own gear, including water, snacks, first aid kit and of course his Puppy!

Kid's Hydro Flask Bottle—We started with the kid’s 12oz bottle but as they have grown older and our trips have gotten bigger they sometimes use the 16oz version. They’re ok with the extra weight of the insulated bottles to ensure a nice ice cold drink when they get hot.

Kid's Adventure Medical Kit—Along with the self-sufficiency of carrying their own gear, the kids are learning accidents happen and they love having their own first aid kit on hand. They have even helped other adults who got a scratch but didn’t have a kit with them! Fox pouch in photo above on the trail. 

Ignik Gas Growler—Get away from the single-use 1-pound dark green propane bottles and save some money and the landfill! These tanks cost a small fraction to fill compared to the cost of one small bottle. 

Helinox Chairs—These were the most comfortable of the various small chairs we brought with us. With a small SUV as our only vehicle, we do not have the room to pack large full-height camp chairs so we bring these instead. 

Nemo Roamer Double Sleeping Pad—With four inches of cozy foam and a patented internal construction, this pad inflates quickly and packs down smaller than most of similar size. Also, it’s nice to know Nemo builds this as earth-friendly as possible with bluesign certified 100% post-consumer recycled materials.

NW Alpine Neptune Spider Hoodie—This was the staff gift last winter and now it’s available to all, but there’s a very limited run. The Polartec Power Grid fabric is comfortable, warm, and durable—and it showcases a subtle nod to Neptune.

Stanley Stay Hot 48oz French Press—This is the perfect pitcher to keep our morning beverage hot so we can enjoy each cup without having to rush. We only use it for tea, but we love having two hot cups each in the morning—if we’re lucky, we’ll get through the first one before the kids wake up.


Use code OFFYONDER15 on the Neptune Mountaineering website or in-store for 15% off of Kid's Osprey Backpacks, Kid's Hydro Flask Bottles & Lunch Boxes, Kid's Adventure Medical Kits, Ignik Gas Growlers, Helinox Chair Zero & Highback, NW Alpine x Neptune Spider Hoodies, and the Stanley Stay Hot 48oz French Press & Adventure All-in-one Coffee System until August 22nd.

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