Sport Climbing in Las Conchas

Neptune's shipping, receiving, and warranties coordinator Thao took her visiting family to the Land of Enchantment:

My siblings came to visit recently! We haven’t spent much time in New Mexico, so we decided to go down to do some sport climbing in Las Conchas, in the Jemez Mountains.

Las Conchas is in an alpine meadow and the weather was incredible when we went. The rock is volcanic tuff—very different than the climbing here in Colorado. I was pleasantly surprised! There is a little stream that runs through the climbing areas and the approach was a breeze. We mainly stuck to Cattle Call wall and Gateway Rock.


My favorite route was Filet On, an extension to Pie In Your Eye. My favorite gear that I used were the Creek Bag from Black Diamond. Misty Mountain Cadillac and my sunhat from Outdoor research.

Just down the road were these incredible swimming holes and waterfalls, so we spent an afternoon doing some swimming there as well!

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Black Diamond Creek Bag
Outdoor Research Sunhat

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