IMLAY Canyon Fire 8.3

IMLAY Canyon Fire 8.3

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The first canyoneering rope specifically designed for Colorado Plateau, the Canyon Fire breaks static rope conventions by packing more material in the sheath (56%) for greater durability and toughness, while keeping the core smallish (44%) for a lightweight and compact carry. Think of it as an 8mm core with a 9mm sheath. The extra-thick sheath gives it a softer feel which many people like. It rappels just a tad slower than an 8mm rappelling rope, so select your device and rig it as for an 8mm rope. The Canyon Fire has proven an exceptionally durable rappel rope for its weight and price, by using clever design rather than fancy (and expensive) fibers.

100% Polyester, inside and out

Tightly woven for long life

Natural low-water absorption

VERY static for no bouncing

4100lbF minimum breaking strength

Elongation at 390lbF = 1.2%

Weight: 3lb 13.6oz per 100ft; 7lb 11oz per 200ft