Asnes Ingstad BC Waxless

Asnes Ingstad BC Waxless

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A modern mountain ski with a marked turn and good speed and turning properties. An ideal ski for demanding downhill runs, but also works well for long stages in flat terrain. New Ingstad has got a distinctive Nordic rocker and loses the tip, which makes the ski more swing-willing. The ski has also become more directionally stable and for that reason even more versatile. Ingstad has a wooden core in Paulownia and Poppel, which leads to an extremely low weight of only 2,050g in 195cm.

The ski fits well with 75mm, but BC binding can also be used.

Asnes grease-free pattern and Asnes grease-free skis are delivered with a good walking buckle and a self-developed "shell pattern" that works well in several snow conditions. Good tension, good bearing and a solution that provides usable attachment to normal winter conditions make grease-free skis relevant for many.

All Asnes Waxless skis come with an integrated trap thigh, so you can use the X-Skin short trap together with the grease-free sole. This provides a good, simple and reliable combination. Perfect for those who do not want to bother with lubrication and glue.

If you want to get the most out of Åsnes' common system, we recommend using a custom trap, either X-skin 45mm Mohair for cold driving / moderate terrain, X-Skin 45mm Mix for all-round use or X-skin 58mm Nylon for wet driving / steep terrain.

Body length        Weight (kg)        Ski length

150-160cm          -55                         165

160-170 cm         55-65                     175

170-180                65-75                     185

180-190                75-90                     195

190-200                90-                          205

Steel Edge

Skin Insert

Extruded grease-free coating

Lengths: 165,175,185,195,205

Width: 84-62-74

Weight: 1025g. per ski (195cm)

Material: poppel / paulownia czech republic