Mountain Flow Wax Brush Set

Mountain Flow Wax Brush Set

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Includes Brass, Horsehair, and Nylon brush.

Brushing is a crucial step for any well-prepared ski or snowboard. The process will help to expose the structure of the base which will dramatically increase speed and reduce drag.

Brass Brush works great to prepare the bases before applying a fresh coat of the wax. It will remove the old wax and allow for better penetration of the new wax.

Horsehair Brush works great to polish the base after scraping and brushing with stiffer brushes. It adds a nice shine and removes any lingering wax particles that might impede the glide.

Nylon Brush works great right after scraping and is a good first step for polishing. It helps to expose the base structure and remove any extra wax that was not scraped away